Parenting Assessments

Parenting an Assessment - What it is:

  • Intense in-home evaluation of identified family for purposes of assessing a person’sparenting ability and offering input to be used for decisions related to court disposition or DHS recommendations.
  •  This evaluation is completed by two providers with an average of
    3 visits in the home.

Parenting Assessment—What we do:

  •  Meet with the person (s) needing to be assessed.
  •  Have two providers complete each assessment to get two evaluative impressions.
  •  Meet and/or call all professionals involved in this case.
  •  Complete a mental health DSM-IV assessment on the person (s) needing this assessment.
  •  Administer a parenting test on the person (s) needing this assessment.
  •  Do a complete evaluation of the home to include assessment of safety, routine, and relationships between family members and others residing in the home as well as assessment and evaluation of coping skills.
  •  Make recommendations for continuing services.


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