What are Telehealth Services:

  • Telehealth services help you see your psychiatric provider without having to drive a long way.
  • Iowa has a shortage of psychiatrists. They are doctors who help with your mental health. There may not be psychiatric providers near your home. Or the psychiatrist or other psychiatric providers near your home may not be available when you need an appointment.
  • With telehealth services, you can see a provider who may be far away. The provider may be in an office across the state.

How does it work?

  • You have an appointment with the psychiatric provider. It is not in person. The provider uses a television monitor and a camera. You also use a television monitor and a camera. You do this at a place near you.
  • You go to a local office to use the television and camera. You may go to a community mental health center. You may also go to a specialty clinic for child health.
  • You can see your provider on the television monitor. Your provider can see you. You can hear each other. It is like you are in the same room. The provider can help you. No one sees your meeting with the provider. Your talk is private.
  • You may also work with other health care providers at the local office. You may see a physician assistant. Or you may see an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP). These professionals can prescribe medicine.
  • Many people who try telehealth services like them. They like to see the psychiatric provider. And they don’t have to drive far.
  • Telehealth services allow you to get the help you need. You can see a prescriber (psychiatrist, physician assistant or ARNP) at an office near your home.