Administrative Assistants

Lisa Smith, Administrative Assistant


Lisa has coordinated our telehealth psychiatric program since 2010.


Debra Kaufman, Administrative Assistant


Debra brings to Therapy Place, Inc. extensive experience in managing accounts payable and receivable, managing employee schedules, credentialing and payroll activities, copy, scan, and bind legal documents, and maintain client files and office supplies.


Nichole Waterman, Administrative Assistant


Nichole manages the front desk at our main office in Atlantic. She answers the phones, takes referrals, interacts
with insurance companies, talks with referral workers and is the liaison for all the clinicians in setting up therapy
services for our clients.

Stephanie Holste, Administrative Assistant


Stephanie works collaboratively with Nichole on running the main office hub in Atlantic for all of the TPI providers.
She also maintains and is compliant with all filing done at TPI.

Traci Smith, Administrative Assistant


Traci is the head billing person for Therapy Place, Inc.  She ensures our clients know their current insurance benefits.  She communicates this with the clinical providers.  She ensures insurance companies compliance.  Traci also coordinates office supplies and equipment maintenance. 

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