After Care

Therapy Place Inc., serves as the subcontractor for Children's Square USA to provide After Care, Pre-Pal, and Pal services.

Aftercare Services are designed to provide support and professional advocacy for former foster youth as they transition to adulthood. The IASN providers believe that all youth should have the opportunity to be safe, healthy, prepared and successful young adults.  Aftercare Services assist eligible foster care alumni to find housing, locate medical care professionals, get job training, reach educational goals, find a job, and can assist with emergency or unexpected bills to assist youth become independent adults.

Pre-Pal Services

Up to several months prior to exiting the foster care system, pre-planning services may be made available on an individual basis.  DHS workers make referrals to pre-PAL, especially when the discharge plan includes Aftercare services with the PAL stipend.  With the support of the DHS workers, Pre-PAL ensures a smooth transition and coordination of services from foster care to Aftercare.

Preperation for Adult Living PAL

Aftercare participants who left foster care after May 1, 2006,  and who have a high school diploma or GED may be able to qualify for a monthly PAL stipend to live in an approved living arrangement such as an apartment, college dorm, or with former foster parents. To qualify for the stipend, a PAL participant must be attending college or be in a work training program or employed.  Regular meetings with your IASN Self Sufficiency Advocate are required


Iowa Aftercare Services Network: