Traci Smith has been an aftercare subcontractor – 9 years – July 2015

Joni Griffin Children’s Square – Aftercare Subcontractor and TPI supervisor for program – 12 years – Nov. 2014

Deb Smith Children’s Square – Aftercare subcontractor and TPI administrator for program – 13 years – April 2015

(Atlantic) The Scary Guy with a mission of eliminating hate, violence, bullying, and prejudice, worldwide, and an expert in eliminating bullying in schools and corporations, will begin his ten- stay in Cass County beginning this week. Wendy Richter, Director of the Family Crisis Support Network and a member of the Cass County Child Abuse and […]

Julie Oliver, advocate for Therapy Place Inc., a subcontractor of Children’s Square Q: How long have you been working in the field and how long have you been an advocate in Aftercare. A: I have been working in the field of helping youth on a part time basis since 1997. I have been a part time […]

Joni Griffin, BA and Aftercare Supervisor for Therapy Place, Inc. was honored on 1/21/14 for her work in the Youth Foster Care Council by developing and promoting the Elevate Program in SW Iowa now known as AMP.  She received a plaque in recognition of her hard work presented to her by Children’s Square U.S.A.  She […]

Who’s Who in IASN

Deborra Smith is a supervisor at Therapy Place (a subcontractor of Children’s Square). She was the first Aftercare worker for Children’s Square U.S.A. when the program started in 2002. Deborra lives in the small town of Panama, Iowa, with her husband, Steve. They have a daughter, Traci, the mother of her grandkids – or better known as her […]

Mike Barker – Children’s Square “The Blast” Newsletter 10-1-2013 I was at an Iowa Children’s Justice Summit in Des Moines last week. Judges, attorneys, school personnel, mental health practitioners and juvenile court officers were all in attendance. Over and over it came up from nationwide presenters and participants in the Summit that Iowa Aftercare services was […]